Having read some other blogs I’d thought I would try it myself. Just a few things to get straight first.

1. if you are easily offended then please leave by the nearest window. 

..actually that’s just one thing to get straight – pretty easy.

So what can you expect? Well, an irreverent look at the life of a man, not quite 50, trying to stop getting old by doing stuff like skiing, mountain biking, orienteering, jogging, walking and pretty much anything else I can to a very average level.

The cast for this presentation will include those I can’t avoid – wife and family – and a very few that I could avoid but choose not to – friends.

Feel free to comment.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. MTC Says:

    you need to drop your title down to the green trees…

    • bustedsaddle Says:

      Yeah – I know – can’t actually place the title on the graphic. Will nix the title and redo graphic with title embedded in it – sometime or other.

  2. big ring Says:

    now i know why they call you bs–boring shite!

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